Fan Blades

Fan blades drooping
Sad and brooding
Over the red-checkered

This beer stares back at me
Half empty
And my mind wanders
Through pathways of reason,
Dreams, and seasons.

Each blade alone,
Unknowingly home,
Hopes to move,
Live outside
His home.

If it could
Look back toward
His family of blades,
Each one could
Hope to find
Its strength,
His source.

Oh, fan blade drooping,
Spewing out talk on the fly.
Just more noise
For your family to survive.

But what of that?

They don’t mind sometimes,
They’ll give you time,
Just don’t expect
The world to subside.

Fan blade drooping,
I’ll fix you,
Or die trying.

Sometimes a new you helps bring the old you up to speed in each new world.


Hope is on the way.
Hope is when people leave their lives to chance.
Hope is intangible.
Hope can be used sparingly.
Hope should be used sparingly. Sparrow.
Psh. Hope. I hope hope quits leading me on, and starts putting its money where its mouth is.
Hope hope gets a life, because it’s
Eating mine up.
I hope hope quits saying one thing, then doing nothing.
Hope is dope.
Don’t obsess. Hope should be used Sparingly.
Don’t let it rack your brain.
Hope is just a bitter waiting game.
Hope is what you’re forced into while
In between life events.
But hope,
Hope is all you have.



There’s something
About waking
Early morning,
Coffee brewing.
Baby’s smiling
Sun sleeping
And the world is ours.

No need to rush,
Not time yet to shower.
I want one more hour,
And, I’ll try again tomorrow.

There’s something
About you,
Early morning.

Fast forward,
One year.
Time flies
When you’re afraid to fly,
Scared to be you,
Fearing failure.
Early morning
As fear rose
With the sun
And blackbirds.
Your love isn’t
But it’s still there.

Grab the fibrilators.
It’s going to be a long night,
A long road.
But contemporary.
Fail hard. Life’s Hard.
Not using cliches is cliche.
Everyone’s looking.
Want them to.

Caring and stressing
Are two different worlds.
Live in the right one.
Forget the rest.

Early morning,
I’m taking you back
At all hours of the day.
You don’t get a few hours.
You get a lifetime.

Early morning is mine.